Indoor Performance Training 

In addition to our paddleboard sessions we have also have an indoor training studio. The studio offers us a place to provide training to the community throughout the year.  Whether that be private one on one sessions, group training or various youth performance sessions.  


 Assessments & Consultations

First step is to evaluate, see where you are currently & develop a plan to move forward from here.  Initial evaluations involve a combination of Functional Movement Screen, Body Fat Measurements, Strength/Cardio,  Nutrition Assessments and overall lifestyle factors to best reach your specific goals. 

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Private Training

Individualized programming to fit your schedule.  One on one attention to keep you on track whether you are transitioning back into training, have a sport specific goal or need a little more attention to rehab an injury.  Semi-private sessions also available for those looking to workout together in a customized program. 

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Group Training 

Small Group Training sessions to keep you motivated, give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on track.  Functional training is key: sessions focus on soft tissue work, core stability, strength development, heart rate based conditioning & flexibility.  Work at your own level and know you are being guided to perform & feel your best!  

Winter/Spring 2019 Group Training Schedule
Monday - 8am, 4pm, 6pm, 7:15pm

Tuesday - 8am, 9am
Wednesday - 4pm, 6pm
Thursday - 8am, 9am
Saturday - 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am


Youth Performance Training

Our Youth performance programs focus on developing the whole athlete. Key focus is on injury prevention, teaching proper form, incorporating speed, agility and increasing overall efficiency in their movement. Set a good base and these athletes will have a great launch pad to progress in their individualized sports.