What to bring?
· Bathing Suit / Water Wear
· Towel
· Sunscreen
· Water Shoes recommended, though not required

What makes SUP so fun? It offers an additional way of enjoying & spending time out on the water! It’s an activity you are able to do with such varying conditions. Overall, anyone with an enjoyment for the water will most likely be able to find something they love about SUP!

Is SUP a sport or exercise?
Both. Aren’t sports a form of exercise? Overall, it depends on the person. Some do it for leisure and to relax, others incorporate it into their fitness routine, and some dedicate large amounts of time training to compete in races. It really depends on the person. Either way, it definitely gets people moving which is great! It’s a complete body workout starting directly from the feet on up, fires your core, is low impact, and has a pretty natural, fluid movement involved.

What ages? Paddleboarding is open to a wide range of ages. Conditions are the biggest factor on this. Whether, little tikes ride on the board or we are teaching a little more skill to an older child. Generally, ages 8 and up are best suited for paddling or beginning to practice on their own board. As with any age ability level varies, contact us and we can discuss details further.

What is the key to learning SUP?
Relaxing!! Step by step progressions are huge. For many, it seems simple... just hop up and stand on the board. But, there is quite a bit of stability that takes place in order to get there. Once, you can really break it down and let people get comfortable (taking time with each step), it helps calm their nervous system which will allow one to be more at ease standing!

How difficult is SUP? Is it tougher than surfing, for instance?
The learning curve to SUP is actually pretty quick. Hence, why it’s currently the fastest growing watersport. Since SUP programs can be tailored to a wide variety of abilities, it makes it much more accessible to people of varying athletic levels. Many find it much easier than surfing. Most people are up and standing their first day, where surfing may take multiple lessons to actually catch a wave you can stand up on. There also tends to be a lot more fear with surfing as well... being in the ocean with waves can be quite scary for many people. SUP has the same feeling of standing and gliding, but it can be started in much calmer waters. Eventually, one can progress to paddle surfing if desired.

Weather Conditions - Sessions are always weather conditions dependent. Wind, chop and rain sometimes make for a fun experience but it all depends on one’s comfort level and prior experience! If you aren’t sure feel free to check in with us in advance. If need be, we will be in contact to update any changes necessary in sessions due to weather.

Boards/Paddles/Other Gear – Have specific questions about types of boards and/or gear? Figuring out what type may be best for you. We stock a variety of different boards, from surf style to larger race and touring boards so paddlers can see the variety and get a feel for different types. Feel free to give a call and we’ll gladly answer any of your questions and lead you in the right direction.

Terms / Conditions – We hold a 24 hour concellation policy for all scheduled sessions. Sessions expire at the end of the season. "Bring your own board" paddlers are required to bring their own life vest as well as leash during sessions.